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Welcome to our premier water garden centre

Water in the garden is a source of joy and relaxation. Build your garden paradise with Nailsea Patio Supplies and sit back, relax and enjoy.

Nailsea Patio Supplies stock a wide range of products for all your water gardening needs, from small ponds to large lakes.

We have products for building your pond with pumps and filters and products for maintenance and planting.

It’s time to start looking after your ponds. Expert advice is available just give us a call.

Nailsea Patio Supplies are:

  • 5 star stockist for OASEOaseLogo


OASE Aquarius and Aquarius Universal

oaseAquariusAquarius is a small basic pump for small fountains and waterfeatures

Aquarius Universal – a compact pump range excellently suited for use in statuary fountains or pond fountains

Aquarius universal eco – formerly neptun – is a compact pump for use in statuary and indoor fountains. Individually adjustable flow rate.


The OASE aquamax range of filter and watercourse pumps are designed to pump a high volume of water and contaminates from leaves and fish to the filter.

They work in combination with a filter and UV light to keep water crystal clear.

Aquamax – Reliable pumps with a high performance motor. They are able to pump debris up to 4mm in size and are low wattage pumps.

Aquamax Eco – now supplied with energy efficient motor. They are capable of passing up to 8mm solids.

Aquamax Eco Premium – New for 2012. Like the original, just Better with a new design and improved efficiency. can pass particles up to 10mm


Oase Filtoclear

Clear water through an ideal combination of filter pump and UV technology.

Easy to clean.

Can be buried in the ground.

Available in 5 different sizes.

Oase Filtomatic

40% power saving thank to UVC unit that is activated as needed.

Convenient cleaning of filter foams without getting dirty hands.

Low maintenance and user friendly.

Available in 3 different sizes.

Oase BIO-TEC Screenmatic

The new Bio-Tec Screenmatic enables safer and easier removal of coarse substances from your pond.

Solids are withdrawn from the filter system via extractor sieve and are taken into a collection tank through a permanent cleaning process.This can be easily removed.

Screenmatic drive cleans the sieve continuously and guarantees sustainable flow.


Oase Filtral

Available in 2 sizes

Ideal for use in smaller ponds.

Guarantees clear and healthy water with the possibility of also operating a fountain.

We stock many sizes of pond plant baskets and plant bags.

We have floating islands made of linkable plant baskets, these can create a marsh or island. Baskets are equipped with Styrofoam floating rings that can be linked together and put in random parts of your pond.

We also have an overgrowing mat that you can fix to the side of your pond. It has many indentations in which to plant marginal plants.

Pond soil, a large selection of marginal plants, oxygenating plants and lilies can complete your pond.

Pond marginal plants and water lillies are available


Clean filters when dirty and change UV bulb annually.

If you have a large pond with fish pump must be fitted on a ledge 12 – 18″ below water level. In the winter fish go to the bottom of the pond where water is warmer. This helps to keep their immune system healthy.

Keep pump operating on all year round. The volume of water going through the filter prevents freezing in our climate.

When installing a filter where there is no waterfall, the pipe from the filter needs to be above the water so that it can splash into the water. This helps to oxygenate the water.

Do not overstock with fish or plants. Too many fish cause too much waste and too many plants will take oxygen out of the water.

Feed fish with good quality floating food. Only feed as much as can be eaten in 5 minutes. After 5 minutes scoop away any uneaten food. Uneaten food can cause dangerous toxins and can form a soap like scum on the water.

When adding any pond treatments or fish medicines turn the UV off because the UV will render them useless.

We now stock all Pond Doctor treatments to keep ponds and fish healthy. Products are available for small ponds to professional fish keepers.


To keep a pond healthy it is important to check water quality. You can check the PH Value, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia levels with quick and easy dip sticks.

There are various products available to correct these balances.


Use our pondvac or multipurpose Bermuda Pondi to quickly and easily remove debri from the bottom of you pond.

If you have debris on the surface of the water such as leaves, use one of our skimmers to keep the surface clear to prevent leaves dropping to the bottom and contaminating the water.

Here at Nailsea Patio Supplies we have many different types of pond lighting. There are LED lights for underwater and ground use such as the Oase Lunaqua or the Bermuda underwater lights.

Sit in your garden paradise and have a light and water jet show or have a mystmaker and light giving an eerie mist over your pond.

Tips on building a pond

1. Location.- Part shade ideally with 4 – 6 hrs sun, not under trees.

2. mark out pond contours by using string or sand on the ground.

3. Dig out pond, deeper in the middle with planting shelves round side.

4. Measure for liner – width x length x deepest part and add 1/2m for overlap on edges.

5. line hole with fleece.

6. carefully lay out liner or you could use a preformed pond

7. Calculate the volume of water. (Nailsea Patio can help with this if you give them the above dimensions)

8. Fit the correct size pump, filter and uv depending on volume of water., if you are having plants and/or fish, waterfall or fountain.. Get it right with our help and you should have clear water

9. Add lights or water displays, fish and / or plants. And sit and enjoy


The durable black PVC liner is ideally suited for garden ponds.

• Easy to install

• Uv stabilised

• Flexible and easily contoured

• Strong enough to last a lifetime

• Totally safe for all aquatic life

• Available in 4m, 6m, and 8m lengths

• New cheaper alternative to Butyl liner – Greenseal available in 6m width

Pond Protectors – These clip together and put 2 wide all round your pond to make it difficult for Herons to walk in.