heron deterrent  velda wind spinner

heron deterrent velda wind spinner


stainless steel construction with spinning disc

complete with multipiece mounting rod and stake

Price: £20.00

pumps oase aquamax eco classic

pumps oase aquamax eco classic


extremely econmical to run

high cleaning force

pumps pond water and coarse debris particles up to 8mm in size into a filter

2500                   102.00

3500                   124.99

5500                  169.99

8500                  199.99

11500               229.99

14500              259.99

17500`           279.99

Price: £102.00

pumps oase aquarius fountain set

pumps oase aquarius fountain set


easy adjustment of fountain height

3 fountain attachments

telescopic pipe extension

1000                  58.75                              6000                        275.00

1500                  68.55                               8000                       319.00

2500                  99.85                              12000                     384.00

3500                 123.35

4000                210.00

Price: £58.75

aerator   oase oxy tex set

aerator oase oxy tex set


pond aerator and air pump set

400 CWS                   £152.50

1000 CWS                 £203.00

2000 CWS                £232.00

Price: £152.50




and skimmer effectively frees the pond surface of leaves and food remnants and other pollutants and carries pollutants to filter system

Price: £95.00

filter oase filtamatic

filter oase filtamatic


flow through filters

used for medium size to large ponds or koi ponds.

they stand above the water surface at the edge of the pond or above a watercourse so that the water flows back into the pond under gravity

7000 CWS                        £330.00

14000 CWS                      £348.86

25000 CWS                      £448.00

Price: £330.00

filter oase filtoclear

filter oase filtoclear


pressure filter for small to medium pond.

can direct infeed of watercourses and fountains

easy to clean


3000                192.50

6000                234.60

12000              282.00

20000             404.00

30000             442.00

Price: £192.50

heron deterrent pond protector

heron deterrent pond protector


safe and effective against herons and cats. this is a harmless electric fence that you can stretch around your pond to protect it from herons and cats.

comes complete with transformer, rods and enough cable to stretch 40m round pond

Price: £67.50

pond cover nets

pond cover nets


come in individual sizes

prices from £5.19

Price: £5.19

pond cover nets

pond cover nets


cover your pond against herons and cats

prepacked nets come in different sizes

for larger ponds we sell netting by the metre off a roll

2 x 3       £5.19

6 x 3       £10.50

6 x 5       £17.95

10 x 6    £29.00

Price: £5.19

pond fish nets

pond fish nets


these come in different sizes

small                       £8.49

medium               £18.99

large                     £20.99

large skimmer   £19.99

Price: £8.49

pond maintenance        pond gloves

pond maintenance pond gloves


elbow length pvc gloves for all those messy cleaning jobs in the pond.  protect your hands

Price: £14.99

pond maintenance      duo tool

pond maintenance duo tool


cutter and pincers in one tool.

ideal for cutting back marginals and lilies

Price: £28.65

pond maintenance     pond grabber

pond maintenance pond grabber


long handled gadget for picking out debris from the pond

Price: £15.99

pond maintenance    blanketweed brush

pond maintenance blanketweed brush


useful for brushing the edges of the pond where the blanket weed clings

Price: £15.99

pond mister

pond mister


creates a misty haze over your pond

comes with changeable coloured lights and remote control

use with jumping jets for a summers evening water entertainment

Old Price: £119.99

Price: £90.00

You save: £29.99! (24.99%)

pond planting baskets

pond planting baskets


these plastic baskets come in different sizes round and square

small round          13cm                  .78

large round           22cm                1.50

small square         19cm                  .95

med square           23cm                1.50

large square         28cm                 2.00

X lge square         35cm                 3.00

jumbo round lily                            4.90

Price: £0.78

pond planting baskets          contour

pond planting baskets contour


kidney shaped planting basket

Price: £2.10

pond treatment          health booster

pond treatment health booster


health booster and pond tonic is a perfectly blended balance of natural ingredients inc seaweed extracts, amino acids, trace elements, essential vitamins and minerals all designed to promote healing and correct metabolism

250ml            9.99

Price: £9.99

pond treatment     anti blanketweed

pond treatment anti blanketweed


helps to clear the cotton wool string algae that forms in ponds

250ml          9.99

1 litre          21.99

Price: £9.99

pond treatment     bio feed

pond treatment bio feed


encourages lush green growth of all pond plants inc lilies and marginals.

iron rich but nitrate free to discourage growth of unwanted algaes in your pond


Price: £9.99

pond treatment    algae pad

pond treatment algae pad


unique 4 way action algae pad

say goodbye to blanketweed, greenwater, duckweed and slime algae.

can clear ponds in 4 days

simply place pad in filter box

Price: £11.99

pond treatment    anti ulcer

pond treatment anti ulcer


advanced fish pond treatment for many harmful bacteria

effective on ulcers, fin rot, fungus, sores, damage etc

effective pond disinfectant


Price: £13.99

pond treatment   medi pad

pond treatment medi pad


4 way action medi pad

treats parasites, fungus infections, bacterial infections such as frayed fins, ulcers,tail rot, white spot, flukes and worm infections

Price: £11.99

pond treatment  anti duckweed

pond treatment anti duckweed


tackles duckweed through its roots and leaves


Price: £10.99

pond treatment  barley straw

pond treatment barley straw


naturally clears blanketweed (cotton wool string algae) which turns water green.

bio friendly treatment


Price: £10.99

pond treatment anti bacteria

pond treatment anti bacteria


Disinfects ponds and fish against harmful bacteria.  Effective against ulcers, body rot, red vent, fish rot, frayed fins, damage, dropy, sores and many other ailments

Price: £9.99

pond treatment anti greenwater

pond treatment anti greenwater


can quickly create clear water without affecting the ponds bioligical balance

naurally clears blanketweed

250ml         9.99

500ml        15.49

1 litre         21.99

Price: £9.99

pond treatments   anti parasite

pond treatments anti parasite


ideal as spring treatment

single dose treatment

easy to use and effective treatment against all common fish parasites


Price: £9.99

pond treatments   dechlorinator

pond treatments dechlorinator


to neutralise the chlorine and chloramines in tap water whn filling pond

250ml            £9.99

500ml           £15.49

Price: £9.99

pumps oase  aquarius universal

pumps oase aquarius universal


for waterfalls, bubbling stones and large decorative fountains

easy regulation of the flow rate

energy efficient

600            36.97                              5000                210.00

1000         44.40                              6000               275.00

1500         51.75                              9000               384.00

2000        55.45



Price: £36.97

UV clarifier  Oase Bitron

UV clarifier Oase Bitron


permanent self cleaning

up to 30% energy savings

replacement bulbs available

24c           260.00

36c          304.60

55c         348.00

72c        376.00

110c      426.35



Price: £260.00